7 Most commonly asked questions we get as a Furnished Apartment Provider:

(These are asked whether the information is already our email to them or not.)

Q: When do I get the security deposit back? Do you take any charges out of it?

A: The only times we are forced to take funds from the deposit are when the utility overage is high above the amount we allow and have determined to be our tenants’ average. We tell everyone, ‘just treat it like it’s your own apartment’. Shut the lights off when you leave, don’t leave the A/C on 24/7 and shut it off when you leave, be careful not to muddy the carpet so we don’t have to steam clean it etc. In addition to our cleaning crew knowing exactly which possible damages are already there (small scratches here or there), please let us know using the 2nd page of the lease, which items are missing or broken and we will be happy to replace them free of charge.

Q: How big is the room? Is it sharable?

A: Yes it is. We have had 2-3 people staying comfortably in our units before. The solution is usually just picking up a $20 air mattress from any of the large stores around this area.

Q: Does it have Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, we provide all our tenants with High Speed Wireless Internet.

Q: Where is the laundry?

A: I haven’t ever seen a one bedroom apartment in this city with a washer and dryer inside, so most communal laundry machines have them either on the same floor or simply on the ground floor.

Q: Is the parking secure?

A: Yes, it is secured, covered and underneath all our buildings.

Q: Is there a Doorman? What about personal security?

A: There are no doormen as there are in New York City, however all of our buildings subscribe to 24 hour patrols and some even have a permanent presence after the management team leaves for the day.


Spencer Fine – www.FurnApt.com