7 Most commonly asked questions we get as a Furnished Apartment Provider:

October 2, 2011 Housing 2 Comments

(These are asked whether the information is already our email to them or not.) Q: When do I get the security deposit back? Do you take any charges out of it? A: The only times we are forced to take funds from the deposit are when the utility overage is high above the amount we […]

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LA is so Relaxed, Carmegeddon Was a Big Deal

July 27, 2011 General No Comments

Recently, LA had a lot of news hype over the 405 Freeway shut down for 53 hours, on the weekend, between two major freeways. They named it “Carmageddon,”and predicted that all major freeways would be conjested for hours but it turned out to be a quiet, peaceful weekend with most of the freeways clear of […]

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Stability In the Housing Market

October 19, 2010 General 3 Comments

September, the month that started our real estate stabilization, brought new home builders and a sense of hope that the worst recession since the 1930s may be steadying. At the same time, foreclosures hit a record high with Bank of America and investigations into JP Morgan Chase and Ally Financial. “At least we’re making some […]

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11 Questions to Ask When Renting a Furnished Apartment

August 3, 2010 General 4 Comments

11 Questions You Should Worry About Asking With Any Other Corporate Apartment Company: Is the price guaranteed? -Always get this in writing. When people are pressed for time, the chance of spotting something irregular or misleading is decreased dramatically. Would the price drop if I were to book for a longer time frame? This is […]

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Miracle Mile in a Nutshell

July 13, 2010 Housing 1 Comment

The Miracle Mile community in Los Angeles is everything you could want in LA –From food to kooky shops, to art museums and pristine culture. Miracle Mile is for those who want it all. That’s why we’ve made this our target area where we hand-pick apartments for our tenants. For some of our guests, a […]

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Letter to Landlords

May 26, 2010 General 1 Comment

LA Furnished Apartments 462 N. McCadden Place Los Angeles, CA 90004 Tel. 323 788 4483 Fax 323 965 9963 Website: Email: Corporate Apartments are the same exact apartment and type of tenant you are leasing to now. One difference is I am the tenant and our tenant is a tenant. You meet him, […]

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Interview With LA Furnished

April 21, 2010 General 1 Comment

Interview with a Corporate Housing Small Business Owner What is the most rewarding part of what you do? Providing great relationships with the tenants is by far the most rewarding part of this biz. I love to hear positive feedback too. There’s nothing like answering the phone to: “I love the apartment, thanks!” Okay so […]

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Why the Volcano Will Not Disrupt the Travel and Housing Industry

April 16, 2010 Housing 2 Comments

Trans Atlantic travel was rocked today by a massive plume of volcanic ash, spewing sporadic heat, clouds of sediment in the air and causing a melee of mechanical difficulties. The pockets of heat caused unpredictable and violent effects on airliner engines and flights unable to be diverted are being grounded with all precautions taken. The […]

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How fear controlled our business and the media devastated our country

April 13, 2010 Business No Comments

Out of fear, many people repeat the following phrases endlessly: “this economy sucks!”, “our economic woes…”, “with this economy…”, “in these uncertain times…” The temporary housing market is far from devastated despite widespread news coverage to the contrary. News sources today are projections of fear that have stifled many markets they “report” to. Yes, there […]

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How We Started our Small Furnished Apartment Company

April 6, 2010 Business 4 Comments

How We Started our Small Corporate Apartment Company How we got started was a rewarding but painful ordeal. My father found 3 buildings with the same owner/manager. They were built in the 1970’s and were roughly new but the biggest attraction was that the location was perfect. It was in walking distance to the Grove […]

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