What is a Corporate Apartment?

I want to get back to basics here and write an answer to an easily overlooked question. When someone asks me what I do and I say ‘corporate real estate’ or ‘corporate rentals’ they say ‘oh’, turn slightly, and I then try not to notice the all too familiar glaze in their eyes. Sometimes its a convenient conversation stopper but mostly in business its time. Quite literally, time.

When time is money, a small business competing with giant corporations loses on two fronts. First, our sales team has to go into specific detail on every sales call (which we are happy to do but is a resource consumer). Secondly and this is where we lose the most time, is when we have to sell our services to a client who has no idea why our apartment is more expensive than an unfurnished unit they could find on Craigslist. I.E. What is a Furnished Apartment?

Our definition of a Furnished or Corporate Apartment is a unit in a building that is chosen because of its amenities, location, quietness, cleanliness, and which have capable management. Anything less in a building is unacceptable. The unit itself has been cherry picked by us based on its location to the street, its view, the privacy, the natural light, spaciousness, possible fireplace etc. All of the utilities have been set up and paid for prior to our taking occupancy and we offer a host of features like 42″ flat screen HDTV’s with the most premium cable package, beautifully decorated, fully furnished with modern furniture, premium pillow-top beds, full sets of linens, kitchenware, etc. which are all included in the single rental price. We don’t charge our tenants taxes, fees, or hidden charges of any kind. We offer all of these services and beautiful upscale apartments for one rental fee and for a 30 day minimum stay. There are no yearly leases to sign. There are no shopping trips to purchase or rent anything at all. Everything our tenants could want is already at the apartment and waiting for them to move in. Comparing corporate housing to that of a hotel, extended stay, an unprofessional/possibly illegal sublet is a waste of what we could all use more of: time.

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